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Military Air Comms Spotter Network
In order to share up to the minute information with other MilAir monitors from around the world please post what you are hearing in your area so that others in your area can enjoy the comms. If you click on Frequency, it will display all Frequency Database info on that freq.
This screen refreshes every 120 seconds. Only the last 50 spots are displayed.
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08/29/18 02:13:09 135.800 BETHLEHEM, PA Heard OPEC28 on this freq. Our ADSB receiver showed OPEC28 southbound over CT. Just behind that was TOPCAT 7. KC10A & KC135R respectively.
08/28/18 13:56:55 316.125 CHILLICOTHE, OH Stings dogfighting in Buckeye MOA
08/28/18 13:54:54 248.65 CHILLICOTHE, OH Buckeye MOA Stings dogfighting
08/27/18 00:38:50 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA Activity heard tonight - saw REACH699 on our ADS-B receivers. 16700 feet heading south parallel to the NJ Coast.
08/27/18 00:37:50 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA Pilot requesting services on ground including customs and agriculture. 'Juliet - thank you sir'.
08/24/18 12:57:18 267.5 WEST PALM BEACH, FL Reaper 12 (B2) wkg with Screwtop in Sealord South Range
08/23/18 00:19:25 274.450 BETHLEHEM, PA TOMCAT talking about refueling and being 22 minutes late.
08/17/18 18:11:39 319.0 WEST PALM BEACH, FL Empire 11 F/A-18E/F, VFA-106, Oceana NAS VA
08/17/18 18:06:36 319.0 WEST PALM BEACH, FL COIL 01 heading to base
08/17/18 14:55:08 286.25 WEST PALM BEACH, FL Romeo wkg as JSTARS-Northrup Grumman clg METS
08/15/18 15:07:38 281.5 WEST PALM BEACH, FL Lucky 21 heading to W-168
08/14/18 20:45:03 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA Confimred REACH265 via our ADS-B monitoring equip. Also see RCH 549.Both at 16K flying south off NJ Coast.
08/14/18 20:43:26 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA REACH 265 - asking for Customs and parking. Another AC also heard female pilot said we need to go to armory.
08/07/18 19:25:33 260.200 MC KINNEY, TX OILER26 practice A/R emergency procedures
08/07/18 00:20:36 290.200 BETHLEHEM, PA Pilots giving out waypoints - NO ID heard.
08/03/18 18:12:48 260.900 BETHLEHEM, PA Holding over East Texas VOR which is about 13 miles west of my location
08/03/18 18:12:16 260.900 BETHLEHEM, PA Activity from 228.9 now moved to this freq. Several AC/Tankers
08/03/18 17:53:11 228.900 BETHLEHEM, PA Talking about the storms in area, tanker being held down at Maguire. Hold is until 22z
08/03/18 17:52:02 228.900 BETHLEHEM, PA Two pilots talking about the transition. Clearly military comms.
08/02/18 21:09:44 311.0 MC KINNEY, TX PAT585 30 mics out
07/31/18 23:45:29 165.375 FM SAINT PETERSBURG, FL USSS (United States Secret Service) Channel Charlie in the clear
07/25/18 14:45:10 303.000 MOLINE, IL Two-way pilot conversation. Reference heading to “Howard” (MOA).
07/24/18 02:19:47 274.450 BETHLEHEM, PA 2-way conversation between pilots - talking about having airspace the whole night.
07/23/18 20:20:22 322.450 MC KINNEY, TX TUFF 11 & TUFF12 Coordinating formation
07/23/18 01:28:51 125.575 TRENTON, NJ elevation traffic
07/04/18 02:57:28 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA Also heard faint traffic after the booming signal from another A/C reporting successful test.
07/04/18 02:56:37 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA Test complete. Looking for parking spot. Good loud signal. A/C said...test complete..looking for a parking spot. Only 1 mil aircraft on our ADSB feed. Just off NJ coast- a few miles off of Cape May - east.
06/06/18 20:48:05 239.15 HARRISBURG, PA Bollen Range continued bombing runs (MD ANG A-10's)
06/06/18 20:35:31 271.4 HARRISBURG, PA Cold Pickle Check before target run, Bollen Range A-10s
06/06/18 20:34:28 233.45 HARRISBURG, PA Bollen Range A-10 Training, Troops in Contact, 9 Line practice
05/18/18 15:10:01 165.3125 LAFAYETTE, LA NAC 293 digital, USCG Comms Ch CG-121
05/18/18 15:08:16 411.7875 LAFAYETTE, LA NAC 293 digital, USCG COMMS Ch CG-402
05/16/18 21:41:53 228.0 NEWTON, NJ aerial refueling
05/15/18 00:06:00 308.15 CROWLEY, LA CAP 22, targeting for GBU bombs. Sounds like a prop plane.
05/10/18 20:46:59 357.0 LAFAYETTE, LA T-38s chatting air-air
05/09/18 15:19:25 149.650 ALBEMARLE, NC 149.65AM - "Luzon DZSO, GECKO27, looking for winds and clearance to drop" 1000-1100hrs probably ongoing -AJ
05/08/18 19:01:48 246.8 LAFAYETTE, LA Navy helo Air-air
05/08/18 00:42:27 298.6 LAFAYETTE, LA Doom 55 (B-52) calling Medicine Man. Contact made.
05/08/18 00:40:37 250.25 LAFAYETTE, LA Doom 55 (B-52) calling Medicine Man
05/07/18 20:58:28 346.6 LAFAYETTE, LA DOOM 53 Heavy (B-52) with Polk Approach
05/06/18 20:37:38 333.3 LAFAYETTE, LA Callsign River (VFA-204) F-18's out of New Orleans chatting enroute.
04/25/18 02:12:45 311.000 BETHLEHEM, PA Hear Male giving out.. Oscar November Queubec Whisky Papa Yankee Xray Julite Golf 3 6 sierra golf golf india hotel hotel 3 tango alpha charlie tango 2 2 romeo mike ..juliet 6 delta This is 'SAMRIN?' OUT. I couldn't make out the name ..this is?? he repeated that twice.
04/23/18 19:59:56 230.175 FREDERICKSBURG, VA "Army Guard"
04/06/18 15:48:42 127.175 NEWTON, NJ Believe this was Matawan.I think this in Sparta NJ now.
04/05/18 19:30:28 229.4 FREDERICKSBURG, VA Davison AAF Tower
04/05/18 19:26:18 335.5 FREDERICKSBURG, VA Potomac Approach- ADW
03/24/18 21:48:23 137.1000 ORLANDO, FL NOAA 19, good signal
02/27/18 01:22:53 349.400 BETHLEHEM, PA Command Post - Ladder85? Problems with a window - loud buzzing sound from pilot window.
02/25/18 20:36:39 285.5 WEST PALM BEACH, FL Empire 11 (F/A-18E/F, VFA-106, Oceana NAS VA) vector to Orlando

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