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We connect passengers with pilots who have empty seats.

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We connect pilots with people with idle airplanes & FBO's.

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How It Works - For Pilots:

Pilots can review flight requests from potential riders. You decide if you're interested or capable of taking the trip. You can communicate with the rider, get more details, and make the final decision if this is a trip you would like to take.

Pilots can post flights they're planing on taking along with the number of spare seats available. Potential riders can contact you through our Air2AirShare messaging system. Again, the PIC (Pilot In Command) has the final say if he is interested in taking the riders.
How It Works - For Riders:

Riders who are looking to go from Point-A to Point-B can post the details of your flight request. This is a great way to simply get an airplane ride or sightseeing flight while at your favorite tourist destination.

Pilots are always looking for someone to share a ride with or share the aviation experience. This is going to be a different experience from flying on commercial airlines. Give it a try; you'll fall in love with flying the way flying was meant to be.